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One of Those Great Little Scenes: Casino Royale (2006)

Okay, there is a lot of debate over who is the best Bond in the franchise’s history. But in the opinion of this writer, Casino Royale shows the series in top form, not only with its taut direction, intelligent writing, and awesome performances, but mainly with a certain scene in the middle of the film, famously referred to as “the shower scene.” Now, before you get all wrapped around the axle about what “shower scene” might mean, take a look.



Beauty, straight-up beauty. In this scene, Daniel Craig and Eva Green both really hone their craft to bring us something we haven’t seen before in the history of the franchise: a sensitive Bond. Not weak, not feminine, but sensitive. He’s willing to put his ego aside, and everything that he has been snidely saying to Vesper has gone out the window and made place for compassion, charity, and understanding… in a shower. It’s a pongiant scene, one of my favorites in movies.

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A young filmmaker, a budding playwright, and a freelance critic.

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