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One of Those Great Little Scenes: Batman Begins (2005)

It is Batman day. At least, for me it is. It is also my birthday. And four years ago today, Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece The Dark Knight was released to critical and audience acclaim. But some people forget that before there was a Dark Knight, Batman had to begin. And he did just that in 2005’s Batman Begins, which breathed new life into a saga that Joel Shumacher almost killed (Batman and Robin was a travesty. Nipples on the Batsuit, anyone?). The reboot dealt with fear, and the courage and power in each one of us. This scene from the film illustrates that process beautifully. **NOTE: Embedding is disabled by request, so click the ‘watch on youtube’ option.**



Bruce has had a fear of bats since he was a young boy. And here, he confronts that. But what this represents is more than just a fear of bats. This is Bruce confronting his life, coming to terms with what he can and can’t control, and finding the strength to know the difference. It’s a demonstration of the human condition, about facing ourselves with courage and power, and taking control of ourselves. Beautiful.

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A young filmmaker, a budding playwright, and a freelance critic.

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