One of Those Great Little Scenes: A Time to Kill (1996)

This is an older movie, not as widely known as other films, and normally I wouldn’t say that Matthew McConaughey is often a good actor. But this scene is one of the most dramatic 5 minutes I’ve watched. In this scene, the lawyer Jake (McConaughey) presents his closing argument for his client (Samuel L. Jackson) who murdered the men who murdered his daughter. Be warned, this could be considered graphic.


Review: Immortals (2011)

***** Throughout the years, Hollywood has tried to harness the creativity, suspense, and excitement of the mythological tales of the ancient Greeks. Gods, Titans, and there affairs with beings and creatures both mortal and immortal have been adapted and re-envisioned several times over, some succeeding, others not so much. Immortals is one of the few […]